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While the investigation is hampered by the craftiness of the "dead" husband and roadblocks he throws in Thorne's way, he plods on doggedly, just in character.
Brest: Team Oman Sail is doggedly chasing the fleet leaders in the Tour de France a la Voile as it goes into its second week of the marathon month long competition.
Despite finishing some way adrift of the top-two finishers, the son of Rock Of Gibraltar stuck to his task doggedly for third.
Wales actually had the heavier total weight - 144lb to the Scots 129lb - but the home team fought doggedly to win by five sections to four.
Islamic terrorism will pursue its targets doggedly into developed countries.
Instead, if we focus on the individual pieces of our goals and work doggedly on each piece, we will see that we are moving forward, achieving small victories.
Aidy Boothroyd's side will have to defend doggedly in the face of an anticipated onslaught and central defender Danny Shittu is likely to be a big miss for them, particularly at set pieces.
As egotistical as he was courageous, MacArthur fought doggedly against anyone who dared to question his military judgment, even the President of the United States.
By doggedly working counts, slashing balls all over the field, drawing walks and occasionally bunting for hits, Furcal has fashioned a .
Fortunes foundered following the Second World War, when not a single P & C store survived unscathed, but the firm doggedly rebuilt and reestablished itself.
In Srebrenica, Irham _e_o talks to the Mothers of Srebrenica, a group of women doggedly fighting to keep justice and memories of the decade-old slaughter at the forefront of politicians' minds.
If American painters continue to doggedly mine the border between abstraction and representation, it is because they remain, in general, conflicted on the issue.