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Concretionary masses of calcareous sandstone or ironstone.



(geology), the middle division of the Jurassic system, subdivided into three stages: Aalen, Bajocian, and Bathonian. In the USSR, Dogger deposits are called Middle Jurassic. The term is rarely used.

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Police caught doggers there last year, but confirm a recent surge in complaints.
The doggers either arrange to meet online or simply turn up hoping to find some action.
They also hope the presence of hulking police horses will be enough to send doggers packing.
They insisted they should not be on the list because doggers are not a danger to the public.
I think he means paint-ballers - and well-heeled doggers.
To turn an area frequented by doggers and pikers, not to mention fly tippers, into somewhere enjoyable to visit at a prestigious location and providing a facility for many to enjoy, should be supported.
But so-called doggers, that include former soccer star Stan Collymore, could also be in for a shock because having sex in public is a crime.
Residents in Newcas-tle, Co Down, claim the doggers - so called be cause they were often caught on by people walking their dogs - are turn-ing up at the Island car-park in the town ready to be watched during sexual acts by other doggers and passers-by.
So Edinburgh cops were right to run an operation to nab the doggers.
BIRDWATCHERS have been forced off a nature reserve - by doggers using it for romps.
Residents in Birdlip, Gloucestershire, are furious about the Barrow Wake public viewpoint earning a national reputation as a haven for doggers.
Sergeant John McFadzean, of Huddersfield South Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT), said the site had attracted doggers for as long as 30 years.