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dogtooth, tooth ornament

dogtooth, 1
1. An ornament in medieval architecture and derivatives, of more or less elaborate motif, usually pyramidal with notched sides, the diagonal portions usually resembling petals or leaves which radiate from the raised point.
2. A brick laid with its corners projecting from the wall face.

tooth ornament, dogtooth

tooth ornament
A decoration, generally in the hollow of a Gothic molding, consisting of four-leaved flowers, the centers of which project in a point.


The discontinuity at the inboard end of the leading-edge chord-wise extension, generating a strong vortex. Also known as a sawtooth.
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We opted for this chic brown dogtooth with a heritage feel and paired it with a rich burgundy jersey top and cosy cardigan to create a stylish, ladylike vibe.
Dogtooth check double duvet |set, PS15, Tesco Direct JUST a dash of orange and red shows that you don't have to go crazy with colour to make an impact.
com) Isla dogtooth cardigan, PS18; Amelia geometric top, PS14; skirt, PS18; hat, PS12; all Boohoo (www.
Gold jewel bangles, PS12, Matthew Williamson at Debenhams Purple sequin t-shirt, PS40, Fashion World Black biker jacket, PS44, Dorothy Perkins Black coated jeans, PS32, Wallis Dogtooth heels, PS25, Asos.
She wears Shirley Dress, PS165 and Dogtooth Peplum, PS70, he wears Enfield jacket PS450 and Broadway cords PS95
The trend is 'Boy dressing meets Punk' with Red tartans used against the more traditional fabrics of gents tweeds, herringbone and dogtooth found in smart tailoring.
He was dressed casually in sweatpants and trainers and a baseball cap and she looked very chic in her grey and black dogtooth skinny jeans and heeled boots.
I thought the success of Dogtooth would make it easier but I don't think that any more.
Others who are working the black and white look in the new season collections are Miss Selfridge, which has a cute black dress with a white pattern, Bon Marche, which has a dogtooth mac (pounds 45) and Religion, which has brought out a monochrome union jack dress and a oneshoulder black and white dress (pounds 100).
MAILBOX Ricky wears: Wool check scarf, pounds 15, dogtooth scarf, pounds 22.
Big trends to look out for this autumn/winter include cut-price cashmere knits, animal prints, dogtooth check, traditional wide-legged tweed or plaid trousers, biker inspired
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