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a pool or aquarium for dolphins, esp one in which they give public displays



a large aquarium (oceanarium), usually filled with seawater, intended for dolphins with the purpose of studying, training, and displaying them to the public. The first dolphinarium was constructed in the USA, in St. Augustine in 1938. The pool had a diameter of 23 m and a depth of 3.7 m. There are dolphinariums in 14 countries (1970): ten in the USA (the largest being at Marineland near Los Angeles, with a capacity of about 3,000 cu m of seawater); ten in Japan (the largest in the city of Eno-shima); three in England (London, Brighton, and Lancaster); and two each in South Africa (Port Elizabeth and Durban), Canada (both in Vancouver), and Australia (Sydney and Brisbane). One each is found in Hawaii (on Oahu), New Zealand, the Netherlands (Harder-wijk), West Germany (Duisburg), Denmark (Strib), Norway (Bergen), and Monaco. In the USSR, there are dolphinariums in the Crimea at the Karadag Biological Station, where representatives of three species of Black Sea Delphininae are kept during the summer only. At various times in various countries, representatives of 26 species of cetaceans have been kept in dolphinariums, including 20 species of Delphininae. The bottle-nosed dolphin survives captivity better than others and even reproduces.


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