domain parking

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domain parking

(1) Registering an Internet domain name in order to redirect a visitor to another site. For example, the website is a parked domain that directs users to, the company's main site.

(2) Registering an Internet domain name for the sole purpose of deriving revenue from ads placed on the home page. Domain parking is done on a small scale by individuals (handful of names) and on a large scale (thousands of names) by domain parking publishers. See link site.

Domain Parking Ad Servers
There are several companies that specialize in serving ads to owners of parked domains. They serve ads that are relevant to the domain name being used and may also offer templates for parked domain owners to use to create their home pages.

Any unregistered name that sounds plausible can be chosen for a parked domain, because ads are available for almost every product and service on the planet. The parked domain owners (the "domainers") may also do domain name tasting to determine the effectiveness of the name (see domain tasting). See cybersquatting and type-in traffic.
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Domain parking refers to the registration of an otherwise unused Internet domain name for the purposes of future development.
I am very excited about this new opportunity to work with The Parking Place on growing their already extremely successful domain parking platform," said Mr.
Being one of the newer domain parking platforms, we look forward to showing the industry the significant benefits they can receive by working with The Parking Place.
com is in a prime position to become the leading domain parking solution.
net, a domain parking and lead generation company, is now valued by neXtup Research at $600M, up nine percent from October 2010.
com announces the launch of its Keyword Marketplace; the world's largest privately-held network of high quality organic search, contextual, domain parking, browser toolbar, semantic keyword hot spots and email pay per click (PPC) publishers.
Sedo's domain parking program helps users capture and monetize their domain's natural traffic.
Affinity network of publishers consists of search engines, toolbars, domain parking sites, in-text ad units, contextual banners, comparison-shopping engines, local business sites, and other social media applications.
Dot VN Domain Parking Pages Receiving Average Daily Views of more than 1 million
com) (OTCBB: DTVI), an Internet and Telecommunications Company and the exclusive online global domain name registrar for the Country of Vietnam, announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with NameDrive, LLC, a leading global domain parking, Internet advertising and pay-per-click company.
We believe that the Domain Parking Program will represent a fundamental shift in the way in which Vietnamese domain names are used and monetized," said Dot VN's Executive VP of Operations and Business Development, Louis P.
Sedo, the leading online marketplace for buying and selling domain names, today announced the acquisition of RevenueDirect, a provider of top-tier domain parking services for professional domain investors.