domestic sewage

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Any liquid-borne waste, containing animal or vegetable matter in suspension or solution; may include liquids containing chemicals in solution; ground, surface, or storm water may become mixed with it as it is admitted into or passes through the sewers.
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A full-scale capillary seepage soil biofiltration system was designed and constructed in a suburban area of Taipei, Taiwan, to treat domestic sewage.
Our results show that after sewage disposal to Annak began in the late 1960s, inputs of Pb, Cd, and Hg from domestic sewage grew rapidly and that the community has greater exposure to Pb than to either Cd or Hg.
The effluent was found to be stronger than raw domestic sewage.
The pipes are meant to drain out rainwater but a toxic cocktail of domestic sewage and industrial waste flows through them
Sound Global" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that, in February 2015, Sound Global received the pre-award of the bundled PPP project ancillary to the rural township domestic sewage treatment facilities in Fuan, Fujian Province, China.
We hope that the quality of the sewage we receive will be better because the tunnel will be delivering mainly domestic sewage from Abu Dhabi City and excluding some of the catchment areas where industries are relocated," says Fawaz.
municipal and domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, landfills, livestock manure and agricultural residues) is a process that addresses both of these challenges.
The bacteria could be employed in domestic sewage plants or to generate power as they clean up lakes and coastal seas hit by organic pollutants.
The vast majority of effluent coming out of Wilton combines with domestic sewage from most of Teesside, and that combination of chemical waste and organic works well.
Summary: AJMAN - Despite the Ajman Municipality's warnings over the dumping of domestic sewage in open areas in Al Jarf district and other areas in Ajman by tankers belonging to private companies, a large number of residents are still complaining about the bad odour from the sewage.
It will use the emerging new technology of thermal hydrolysis advanced digestion, in which more than 500,000 tonnes of sludge - from the treatment of domestic sewage and industrial effluent from a population equivalent of 1,000,000 people - will be reduced to about 60,000 tonnes and will be used to generate electricity.
Undeniably, the Tyne, a former salmon river in dereliction from industrial pollution and domestic sewage at the estuary, is now the best salmon fishery in England.