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Principals of the schools are authorized to attest the domicile forms, he added.
Ekkaghund APA Touseef Khalid Khan told Dawn that in the first phase of the campaign, the administration had collected the data of 10th graders for provision of domicile certificate forms.
Though the process of issuing domicile is different in K-P and Fata, we decided to adopt the initiative for the larger interest of schoolchildren,' Wazir said.
beaucoup moins que] Aucun jugement n'a ete prononce au sujet de l'expulsion de l'epouse de Chiboub du domicile pour defaut de qualite.
A key rationale for the importance of and, thus, the focus on domicile rests with U.
TSX Venture: TRX) (OTCQX: TBUFF) have decided to proceed with a plan to form a Canadian domicile for Aralez Pharmaceuticals, the new parent entity for the combined companies, following recent guidance from the US Treasury regarding the tax impact of the transaction, the companies said.
There are three kinds of domicile: 1) domicile of origin-that is, a child follows the domicile of the parents; 2) domicile by operation of law; and 3) domicile of choice made freely by a person of legal age.
But Rivers' will was filed through the legal system of New York, her primary residence, though probate is usually done in the state of domicile.
Failing to appreciate the distinction between domicile and residence can have dramatic consequences.
Using a change of domicile as a tax planning strategy can be implemented not only when seeking to minimize federal taxes, but also as a useful tool for state tax minimization planning.
Selection of a domicile is one of the most important issues that needs to be analyzed in the initial formation of the captive.