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The country code for Dominican Republic.



a mountain near the city of Thanh Hoa (Democratic Republic of Vietnam), on whose slopes the archaeologists Nguyen Dong Chi, Hoang Hung, and Le Van Lan discovered in 1960 the first ancient paleolithic site in Vietnam. In the course of investigations conducted from 1960 to 1968, more than 1,500 archaic Clactonian flakes were collected, as well as ten crude chopping tools (“choppers”), about 40 core tools, and several typical Chellean hand axes. The tools were made from local basalt. The Do materials closely resemble the materials found at Chellean sites in India, the Caucasus, Western Europe, and other regions.


Boriskovskii, P. I. Pervobytnoe proshloe V’etnama. Moscow-Leningrad, 1966.


On drawings, abbr. for “ditto.”
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But I don't think the little we should spend would do any good.
ye think, 'cause I've let you off before, I don't mean what I say; but, this time, I've made up my mind, and counted the cost.
I don't only just believe it, Marse Tom, I know it.
Don't stop now; don't fool around here, and the evasion booming along so handsome; man the sweeps, and set her loose
I don't ask you when you made it up, or where, or whether you made it up at all.
When I'm in Parlyment and riding in my coach, I don't want none of these sea-lawyers in the cabin a-coming home, unlooked for, like the devil at prayers.
Don't assume such sanctified airs; make yourself quite comfortable; I don't eat governors of the Bastile raw.
Don't think to enjoy yourselves up there while we're sweating down here
But pick it up, and don't stand idling there like a flamingo.
I don't know how it is; I seem to want something or other to stand by.
You'll remember Raffles," said I, "if you don't remember me.
HIGGINS [rising in indignant amazement] You don't mean to say you have set the police after Eliza?