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The country code for Dominican Republic.



a mountain near the city of Thanh Hoa (Democratic Republic of Vietnam), on whose slopes the archaeologists Nguyen Dong Chi, Hoang Hung, and Le Van Lan discovered in 1960 the first ancient paleolithic site in Vietnam. In the course of investigations conducted from 1960 to 1968, more than 1,500 archaic Clactonian flakes were collected, as well as ten crude chopping tools (“choppers”), about 40 core tools, and several typical Chellean hand axes. The tools were made from local basalt. The Do materials closely resemble the materials found at Chellean sites in India, the Caucasus, Western Europe, and other regions.


Boriskovskii, P. I. Pervobytnoe proshloe V’etnama. Moscow-Leningrad, 1966.


On drawings, abbr. for “ditto.”
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DONE blacked out four of Barahona's calls on the basis that they were either personal in nature or exempted by attorney-client privilege.
DONE has also balked at organizers' demands that voters in the neighborhood council election be registered beforehand.
General Manager Greg Nelson first tried to obstruct the release of the league report, then denied that DONE had ever formally contracted with the league to make it.
We announced the brand promise of 14 Days Done at 14:14 hours on the 14th of April.
Officials at City Hall said they have received complaints from residents who mistakenly believed the road work was being done by city crews.
It's disappointing, but the Fox job was the one thing I'd love to have done.
Among women who preferred all meat very well done, with a doneness scores of 9, there was a 462 percent greater chance of having breast cancer when compared with women who ate rare or medium meat.
The first of the two agreements will enable the retailer to create exclusive Done Down Under apparel and home furnishings product lines based on the art of Ken Done, one of the premier artists painting in Australia today.
Witmer has done his part, doing different defensive drills in practice and mixing them with offensive ones.
Now that each desktop has the NetWizard agent, migrating to Windows 95 and Windows NT can be done centrally from one administrator.