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furring strip

A wood strip used as furring, 1; also see batten, 3.
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Dr Saif Al Ghais, executive director of the environment protection and development authority in Ras Al Khaimah, said the Dook shells play an important role in purifying the water of the sea.
Dook, of Hull, who was convicted by a jury at the city's crown court, is in custody awaiting sentence.
CLOSE: Sarah, left, and Jeanette ALLEY: Where Dook pounced TEARFUL MEETING Jeanette hugs Sarah as they meet for first time after trial
On the first morning of the New Year, shake off that hangover by participating in the Loony Dook, a tradition where hundreds plunge into the icy waters of the river Forth.
On New Year's Day a new custom has begun to take hold -- the Loony Dook.
it had been built by the Dook for his excesses, and it was in the quality of his love for her that he could not bear to think of her in connection with anything base.
The Loony Dook is organised from The Moorings Lounge in South Queensferry, from where the first event took place on 1 January, 1987.
Loony Dip: Edinburgh, Scotland Part of the world-famous Hogmanay celebration, this year marks the 24th annual "Loony Dook," a freezing, watery wake-up call in Edinburgh on New Year's Day.
You might find a bum turd on the coping from time to time, but if you're in it for the long haul, dog, a little crackhead dook ain't gonna scare you away.
Paul Duga Dook, head coach of the Cameroon academy said: "It was a great experience for our boys to play here in such great conditions.