door contact

door contact, door switch

An electric contacting device for opening and closing a circuit, which is attached to a doorframe and operated by opening or closing the door.
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We would be very grateful if any scrap dealers who come across the door contact the police.
Other IDC functions include the monitoring of the help button, the tamper switch, and the door contact during noncard access time.
The party has formed more than 30 teams of BJP members to organise door- to- door contact with people in the PM's constituency to invite them to attend the rally at Diesel Locomotive Works' ground.
Door contact sensors may be linked to all versions.
The system integrates a card reader and front door contact with cameras, speakers and microphones in the lobby and the elevator.
Instead less "invasive" sensors that detect motion, temperature, light, humidity, water, door contact and the use of key items, such as opening a bottle of medication or switching on the toaster.
THIS system does away with the need for miles of wires around your home and comes complete with a siren box, control panel, a door contact and one infra-red monitor.
A flush door contact will be on the front door and the garage personnel door (where applicable), giving comprehensive coverage to all ground floor areas.
Wire-free burglar alarm system, includes siren control box; two wire-free PIR devices (a wire-free door contact, which can be used on any door or window; and a remote key fob).
99, you can buy a shed and garage alarm which uses a magnetic door contact to trigger a 100-decibel alarm siren.
1 3 Door Contact 5 4 Push Button for exit 5 5 Emergency Brake Glass for Access Control System.
Energy Project of the Year: National Award Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel, Over the last year, the following energy savings projects were implemented: Installed new thermostats with dual (infrared and ultrasonic) sensors and a door contact in all 1,190 guestrooms; Chiller sequencing and optimization; A chilled water supply temperature reset, based on outdoor temperature; Implementation of a laundry water-recycle system that reduces fresh water usage and conserves energy by reducing hot water discharges at various cycle stages.