door latch

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A simple fastening device having a latch bolt, but not a dead bolt; contains no provisions for locking with a key; usually openable from both sides.
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Having worked for DPS for 13 years, Sergeant Ricardo Javier Palacios testified he had previously witnessed another Ford door latch opening in an accident, and he contacted Ford to report the problem prior to the Guzman/Garcia accident.
Although it is a rare condition, but in view of customer safety, the company is undertaking replacement of the door latch assembly proactively.
Well, I didn't fancy the favourite at all, and Door Latch was 12-1.
When properly activated, the sensor triggers the door latch quickly and limits the number of people allowed in or out and the length of time the door can be opened.
After arriving in Port Klang, Rizal spoke of how he survived on rainwater and coconuts that he opened with a door latch.
Investigators determined that the dog escaped from the house because its front screen door latch was broken.
LEVERED off its lid and toppled on to the loft door latch, releasing its catch
Tenders are invited for Lavatory Door Turn Over Latch Door Latch For Lhb Shatabdi And Double Decker Coaches , As Per Rcf Drg.
Compared to conventional solutions, the warning light is built into the door latch and is visible to other motorists through the entire opening radius.
It explained that if the inside driver or passenger door handles are used at the same time as the power or manual door locks, the inner door latch may not work, leaving the door unsecured.