door opening

door opening, opening size

The size of the doorframe opening measured from jamb to jamb and from floor line or threshold to head of frame; usually equal to the actual door size plus clearances.
References in classic literature ?
If I spring into the room at this moment, he will escape by the right-hand door opening into the boudoir,--or crossing the drawing-room, he will reach the gallery and I shall lose him.
Tope, living overhead, used for their own egress and ingress a little side stair that came plump into the Precincts by a door opening outward, to the surprise and inconvenience of a limited public of pedestrians in a narrow way, he would be alone, as in a separate residence.
the creation of two new internal door openings and the blocking-up of an existing door opening at Basement Level to facilitate the upgrading of bathroom facilities at Townley Hall, Tullyallen, Co.
It also has a Belfast sink with antique style mixer taps, integral washing machine and plumbing for a dishwasher, fridge-freezer space, exposed timber floor, door opening into a pantry with shallow shelving.
Well, now with 200 bucks' worth of hardware, basic cabinetmaking skills and an existing door opening, you can have your own secret room.
It has some great period features like exposed stone walls and beamed ceiling and fireplaces at either end, as well as a door opening to the original spiral staircase leading to the first floor guest bedroom suite.
Noting that Turkey could be Egypt's door opening to Europe and Egypt could be Turkey's door opening to Africa, Sharaf said Turkish-Egyptian cooperation would contribute to world peace, not only their region.
Traditional photo-eye systems detect obstructions only within, or very near, the plane of the door opening.
The good news is they recess an open door and do indeed recover about 2" of door opening.
Factory installed hardware allows for faster and easier installations-which can save up to $1,000 to $1,500 per door opening.
Key statement: A door opening trim weather strip for a motor vehicle, exhibits excellent noise insulating properties and requires a small force for closing the door, includes a trim portion in which a flange provided in the door opening portion is adapted to be inserted, and a tubular seal portion for sealing between the door opening portion and the door.
The Hold-Open system helps to prevent the sectional door from sagging into the door opening, minimizing door panel damage and inefficient loading and unloading operations.