door window

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French door, casement door, door window

A door having a top rail, bottom rail, and stiles, which has glass panes throughout (or nearly throughout) its entire length; often used in pairs.
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The following day, two passengers were injured when a stone smashed a door window as a tram pulled up at the Priestfield stop, off the A41Bilston Road.
Throw stones at patio door window and side window of caravan, damaging both.
The gang's first attempt to break into Wilnecote High School, in Tinkers Green Road, by shattering a fire door window near to the maths block failed.
Tenders are invited for A) Repairing of Electrical works/ fittings/wiring, Water supply sanitary work/fittings, door window broken glass work etc.
Repairing of door window, painting white washing & bath fitting etc.
The hangar door windows were damaged and damage to the aircraft included a bent wing tip, a crushed rudder assembly, bent prop blade and numerous other "bruises.
the agency found in favor of an owner on appeal regarding complaints alleging "dirty mailboxes and front door windows.
The Company expects to retain the technology in its core markets and continues to commercialize the transparent polymer in military and homeland security applications such as vehicle armor and airline cockpit door windows.