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door casing, doorcase

door casing
The finished frame surrounding a door; the visible frame.
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The result is that not only were the marble columns of the nave arcades, the marble facings in the sanctuary and the mosaic decoration in the apse all imported, but the high altar is 16th-century and came from S Pietro in Bologna; the mid-18th-century altar of St Francis and the marble communion rails and sanctuary floor are from a demolished church in Rome; the Lady Chapel altar is 18th-century Neapolitan; the altar of St Anthony is said to be from S Maria del Priorato, Rome; and two doorcases at the end of the aisles are believed to come from a Roman palazzo.
Gilding to the Ceiling & Cornice of Octagon Room Eighty Pounds--the woodwork of doorcases & caps--also the WindOw dressings & the Skirtings Twenty Pounds--Fourl panels (No X) which are called decorations 12:10 each of 50 [pounds sterling]--The 4 others instead of the decoration merely--seventy pounds.
Stuart's overmantel, cornice and doorcases are also extant (Fig.