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The platform's proprietary Purion Vector(TM) dose and angle control system, and constant focal length scanning deliver the most precise and repeatable dopant placement available today.
In this work, we have studied the electrical transport and morphological properties of self-assembled CSA doped polyaniline nanostructures at low temperatures by varying the dopant to monomer molar ratio to control the morphology, crystallinity, optical properties, and dc conductivity of the nanostructures.
Preliminary experiments [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 1 OMITTED] using ferric tosylate as the oxidant and dopant suggested that improved conductivity could be attained for an equivalent PPy concentration compared with using Fe[Cl.
Linde is offering two technologies in the Genii dopant line.
In this paper, we are reporting a study of DC dark conductivity in solid solution of N-isopropylcarbazole dispersed in amorphous polycarbonate, as a function of the concentration of the dopant molecules, to see if a percolation threshold can be detected at low dopant concentration which, according to Silver, et al.
Plextronics and Novaled will co-market Plexcore([R]) OC inks that incorporate Novaled dopant materials.
The platform's industry leading angle control system and constant focal length scanning deliver the most precise and repeatable dopant placement available today.
However, by controlling the molten metal's temperature and by adding traces of suitable dopant metals, an inch-thick layer of a metal oxide composite can be grown on the liquid's surface.
Researchers Address a Long-Standing Open Problem in Solid State Physics of Point Defect - Dopant Pair Lifetimes
Honeywell's new dopant and dielectric materials help manufacturers of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells apply low-cost, high-throughput industrial manufacturing processes to new solar cell designs proven in R&D labs.
Green Dopant Material Enables Low-Power, Full-Color, Long-Life OLED Displays
In a paper presented at the Ion Implantation Conference, in Marseille, France, last month, Epion demonstrated enhanced mass transport capabilities of its ion beam enabling increased wafer throughput, and higher dopant levels very shallow to the surface.