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see dolphindolphin,
large, swift game fish, Coryphaena hippurus, also called dorado. It is of nearly worldwide distribution in warm waters. Its long, slender body is blue, and in the living animal there are luminous shades of gold, green, and purple.
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, fish.


(dŏ-ray -doh, -rah -) (Swordfish; Goldfish) A small constellation in the southern hemisphere, the brightest star being of 3rd magnitude. It contains a large portion of the Large Magellanic Cloud in which lies the extremely luminous star S Doradus and the complex Tarantula nebula, 30 Doradus. Abbrev.: Dor; genitive form: Doradus; approx. position: RA 5.5h, dec –60°; area: 179 sq deg.


A constellation of the southern hemisphere, right ascension 5 hours, declination 65° south. Also known as Swordfish.
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