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a construction with a gable roof and a window at its outer end that projects from a sloping roof


A structure projecting from a sloping roof, usually housing a vertical window that is placed in a small gable, or containing a ventilating louver.

arched dormer

A dormer that has a semi-cylindrical-shaped roof; the head of the window in the dormer may be either rounded or flat.

eyebrow dormer

A low dormer on the slope of a roof. It has no sides; the roof is carried over it in a continuous wavy line.

hipped dormer

A dormer whose roof has a miniature hipped appearance in front, dying into the main roof surface at the back.

inset dormer

A dormer that is partially set below a sloping roof, unlike the usual dormer that projects entirely above the sloping roof. Same as recessed dormer.

recessed dormer

A dormer with all or part of the window set back into the roof surface, resulting in the sill being lower than the roof.

shed dormer

A dormer whose eave line is parallel to the main eave line of the roof, and whose flat roof plane slopes downward in a direction away from the ridge line of the main roof.

wall dormer

A dormer whose face is integral with the face of the wall below.

dormer, dormer window

A structure projecting above a sloping roof, usually housing a vertical window. It is not part of the roof structure but is framed separately, and often provides daylight and ventilation for a room located in a garret or loft space. For definitions and illustrations of specific types, see arched dormer, deck dormer, eyebrow dormer, flat-head dormer, gable dormer, hipped dormer, inset dormer, mission dormer, oval dormer, Palladian dormer, pedimented dormer, pitched-roof dormer, pointed dormer, polygonal dormer, recessed dormer, ridge dormer, round dormer, segmental dormer, shed dormer, through-the-cornice dormer, triangular dormer, wall dormer, watershed dormer.

dormer window, dormer

dormer window
A vertical window which projects from a sloping roof, placed in a small gable.
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51 Cordelia Way, Rugby - installation of dormer window in front roof slope.
Swiftridge, Montillo Lane, Harborough Magna, raised roof to existing bungalow, including dormer windows to front and rear elevations.
Leamhurst, Southam Road, Dunchurch - dormer window and single-storey extension to rear.
Application ref: M/FP/1011/12/P Address: 1 South Drive, Marton, Middlesbrough Proposal: Dormer window to side, extension to existing detached garage.
Application ref: M/FP/0850/12/P Address: 46 Hilderthopre, Nunthorpe Proposal: Dormer windows to front and rear.
Mr & Mrs Palmer - Loft conversion with side and rear dormer windows at 154 Cropthorne Rd, Shirley.
The master bedroom in the roof space has two dormer windows, dressing area, built-in wardrobes and an en-suite bathroom.
The buyer had expected his four-bedroomed 'Darwin' home, on the Ellis Park development in Cawston, to have three dormer windows, as described in the brochure.
The rear of the property consists of varied roof pitches and dormer windows that add interest to the rooms below.
The Blackstead is already a classic favourite because it features dormer windows and sloping ceilings to give a real 'cottage' look, while the distinctive 'L' shape of the house also makes for a very light and airy feel .
KIRKLEES Council has received the following planning applications: S Moseley, dormer windows on front elevation, |12 Regent Road, Kirkheaton.
The couple want to add a roof balcony and a loft room with dormer windows onto their Victorian semi in Primrose Hill, London.