dormitory suburb

satellite community

A relatively small town, primarily residential, established in the vicinity of a city of much greater size; sometimes called a bedroom community.
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Although having the status of a dormitory suburb, the village to the north of Cardiff still retains the feel of a rural village and is largely surrounded by countryside.
Sim is embarking on the research phase of a five-year plan to start a new church in Ajax, a dormitory suburb of Toronto and home to many young commuting families.
Glendale is known as a dormitory suburb, but Bruder's recasting of it involves a hotel, offices, 850 residential units and parking.
I don't want Rossett to become an even bigger dormitory suburb than it has become already.
By the 1880s, Harborne had become a prime dormitory suburb for the middling businessmen of Birmingham, connecting with the city by bus and the hopelessly unreliable Harborne railway.
Intended as much more than a dormitory suburb, Don Mills is presented as the integrated and self-contained corporate suburb that set the model of planning and suburbanization for decades to come.
Large Victorian houses and new builds have made it a favourite dormitory suburb of Edinburgh.
Much study was put into generating neo-vernacular house types that could be combined to making a dormitory suburb for Dorchester.
Merthyr, cupped in its beautiful valley, will become a dormitory suburb of Cardiff.
He moved into the booming construction sector, and in 1969, with borrowed cash, built prestigious dormitory suburb, Milano 2, on the edge of the home city.
THE dormitory suburb of Whiston on the outskirts of Liverpool is without doubt the most unlikely spot for the annual gathering of one of the world's singularly devoted - and colourful - Buddhist groups.
Artists Jeppe Aagaard and Kerstin Bergendal have been given the task of making a so-called 'operational art plan' for the area, in order to create a living and working environment somewhat superior to that of the average dormitory suburb.