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dorter, dortour

A dormitory, esp. in a monastery.
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Dorter 1973, 66, claims that the rhapsode provides the 'double perspective' of poet and audience.
9) Dorter 1973, 68, seeks to 'translate Socrates' questions about exegesis into questions about performance,' a move I find hard to justify.
Dorter, Kenneth, Form and Good in Plato's Eleatic Dialogues (Berkeley, CA: University of California Press 1994).
See Seth Benardete, 1960; Kenneth Dorter, 1994; Francisco J.
Advisers: David Hitchcock, Kenneth Dorter, Martha Husain.
Danielle Dorter , SVP, Director of Human Resources for ID Media of New York, NY
46) Compare Kenneth Dorter, Form and Good in Plato's Eleatic Dialogues (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1994), 158.
For additional information about the Forum on Family, contact Stacy Dorter at 415.
network leads Tony Koenigsknecht and Sinem Dorter, and McLane will accept the Young Innovator of the Year Award at Western Michigan Business Review's annual recognition event on July 19 in Grand Rapids, Mich.
6) See Kenneth Dorter, Form and Good in Plato's Eleatic Dialogues: The Parmenides, Theaetetus, Sophist, and Statesman (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1994), 1-3, for a useful summary of various attempts to date the writing of the various dialogues.
In reacquainting us with the distinctive shape of Plato's metaphysics, Dorter opens up a possibility that is scarcely acknowledged in current philosophical discourse, namely, that "ontological thinking may lead to moral or spiritual bans formation" (p.
On the connection between Hestia's wings and the importance of the notion of internal division in the Phaedrus see Kenneth Dorter, "Imagery and Philosophy in Plato's Phaedrus," Journal of the History of Philosophy 9 (1971): 285.