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An ornamental screen or wall at the back of an altar.
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At the center right of the Magdalene Master's Yale dossal of about 1270, Saint Peter heals a cripple seated before such a structure (fig.
The occasion when Saint Francis tended to the woman with a diseased breast appears on Giunta's altarpiece but not on the dossal by Berlinghieri; both panels feature all four of the other events named in the text.
On the other hand, Peter's martyrdom--considered to be a triumph over death--regularly appears upon altarpieces beside Christ or Mary: an example is the dossal for San Leonardo in Arcetri in which the main figure is a nursing Madonna (Fig.
The thirteenth-century dossal at Yale University conflates the action by showing Nero observing the fall of Simon, who is in mid-air; Peter is clasping his hands while looking up; and Paul, prostrate on the ground, is presumably giving thanks (Fig.
More importantly, the pictorial version with an angel was familiar to the Italian public, as demonstrated by its presence in the dossal from San Leonardo in Arcetri (Fig.
In the dossal, the detail of keys had been brushed in during an early restoration; this detail was recently removed by restorers, but the covered hands remain as indication ct a ceremonial transfer.
Amir Dossal, the acclaimed former Executive Director of the United Nations Office for Partnerships and Founder and Chairman of the Global Partnerships Forum, will be introduced as the Special Envoy to the World Youth Peace Summit.
Amir Dossal for accepting our invitation to serve as Special Envoy to the Summit," said Dan Doyle, the Founder and Executive Director of the World Youth Peace Summit.
Dossal is Founder of the Global Partnerships Forum, a new global initiative to address economic & social challenges through innovative partnerships: www.
WASHINGTON, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Yesterday, Amir Dossal, executive director of the United Nations Fund for International Partnerships, gave the keynote address at the Hudson Institute's panel discussion, "Real Poverty, Real Solutions: The New Face of Global Giving" in Washington, D.
As Amir Dossal noted: "In recent years, the boundaries between social and private sectors have become blurred, globalization has shrunk the world to a very small place -- what happens in Beijing and Darfur affects everyday lives across the globe -- the twentieth century has seen the most prolific economic and technological advancement -- the public and private sectors have a key role to play to address global challenges, therefore it is imperative that we discuss ways in which we can jointly improve the quality of life for the underprivileged.