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An ornamental screen or wall at the back of an altar.
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Enthronement is more obviously the meaning of the domical baldachin sheltering Nero in the fall of Simon Magus and also that filling the space between Christ and Peter in the consignment of the keys of Heaven, both on the Magdalene Master's Yale dossal (fig.
At the center right of the Magdalene Master's Yale dossal of about 1270, Saint Peter heals a cripple seated before such a structure (fig.
Mariam Dossal of the University of Mumbai for her help in developing the line of thought which guides this section of the paper.
On the other hand, Peter's martyrdom--considered to be a triumph over death--regularly appears upon altarpieces beside Christ or Mary: an example is the dossal for San Leonardo in Arcetri in which the main figure is a nursing Madonna (Fig.
Canadian delegation included Senator Salma Ataullahjan, President Canada Pakistan Business Council Samir Dossal and other senior officials.
The LCCI President Sheikh Mohammad Arshad, Vice President Nasir Saeed, Senator Salma Ataullah Jan, President of Canada Pakistan Business Council Samir Dossal, Acting High Commissioner Andrew Turner, President All Pakistan Business Forum Ibrahim Qureshi, Fiona Sioban Brown, Geneieve Gualtieri, Adam Ibrahim, Ahmed Attia and Mian Ashraf also spoke on the occasion.
A robust private sector that delivers economic growth, employment and wealth creation is essential for reducing global poverty and making progress toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals," said Amir Dossal, Executive Director of the United Nations Office for Partnerships.
Though she believes the patron to be a laywoman, Norman ascribes the image and dossal narrative scenes to support for eremetic Augustinian identity.
Dossal said Canada pursues a broad range of interests in the context of bilateral relations with Pakistan including development cooperation, people-to-people links, regional security and defense, governance and human rights, trade and investment.
CPBC Chairman Bryon Wilfert, Pakistan s High Commissioner Akbar Zeb, Consul General Nafees Zakaria, President CPBC Samir Dossal and Ontario Economic Department s Officials were among the notable participants.
The grant contract was signed at the Japan Information and Culture Center of the ConsulateGeneral of Japan here between Akira Ouchi, Consul General of Japan and Rumi Dossal, Chief Operating Officer of the Foundation, said a press release issued by the Consulate here on Wednesday.
Among the furnishings for her chambers: a rich bed with an embroidered cover with the Habsburg arms, mirrors, dossals, tooled leather hangings, carpets and richly embroidered pillows.