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dote, doat, doze

A form of decay in which wood becomes soft and weak and has a dull lifeless appearance.
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DOTING J Brian O'Driscoll takes daughter Sadie for a stroll in Dublin yesterday
He was pictured in Cyprus throughout last week as the doting dad while she enjoyed herself in nightclubs with new boyfriend Anthony Lowther.
Holmes has always been doting mother and has nothing but admiration for her lively daughter.
Doting dad Chris, 32, said: "I'm over the moon and just glad everything went well.
Yesterday, shopping centre administrator Hazel said: "After all Campbell's been through, it's a joy to see him a doting dad.
Doting grandmother Sandra Guthrie is overjoyed by the new addition to the family.
Ramirez, however, called Mannheimer a doting father who would never have attacked his ex-wife in front of his son as the plaintiff's lawyer claimed.
Doting Gwilym Evans, 61, disappeared after taking 13-month-old Liam for a short drive on Thursday.
At a time when many of their peers are doting on grandchildren, some women in their 50s dream of delivering an infant of their own.
Her doting parents are Dawn and Kenneth Bezas nce kk
Elaine, 55, said: 'James was a loving son to me and a doting daddy to wee Chloe.