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Double deckers are expected to be a welcome addition to our fleet, providing increased capacity on some of the city s most popular routes.
Ten double deckers packed, even on a Saturday with football teams, both home and away sides.
Irene, a Filipina, hoped that with the launch of these double deckers, there would be shorter waits now at the bus stops.
This introduction of the double deckers preceded that comment by the Welsh Assembly Government.
A total of 80 of the new buses will serve the countryside while 25 double deckers will run on key routes in Belfast.
Meanwhile our own neglected bus service has not seen the introduction of one single new bus and no double deckers run on this route at all.
The final few workers were dismantling machinery after the last production line, which was making Double Deckers, was shut down.
Also the driver cannot see and control the behaviour of passengers sitting upstairs and he cannot pneumatically lower the front to allow passengers on the double deckers as the bendy buses can do.
When you ride with the Double Deckers, Fun and laughter is what we're after On our double double double decker bus.
The new format -- TakeAway Double Deckers -- weighs in at 700g.
Incidentally, can anyone please explain why some National Express double deckers only have one handrail at the bottom of the stairs while other double deckers have two hand rails which is safer?
This was the longest route the company operated with double deckers.