double capital

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A member or supplementary capital resting on the top of the capital of a column; see impost block; also called a double capital.
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SAUDI Aramco says its oil refinery joint venture with France's Total will double capital investment to 7.
Shareholders of Cairo-based Orascom agreed as part of the deal to double capital to 14 billion Egyptian pounds ($2.
They also signed an agreement to avoid double capital and income
Taiwan's most professional manufacturer of backlight modules, will double capital spending to NT$2 billion in 2011.
Now the "lucky" generation has another headache - the coalition Government is looking at proposals to more than double Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on sales of shares, buy-to-let property and other non-business assets - hitting savers more heavily than anyone else.
He added: "Management plans to nearly double capital expenditure in FY10, setting aside US$58m primarily to construct feed plants in Jilin and Tianjin and expand existing facilities.
Middlesbrough's Arena has a double capital treat in store tomorrow night when headliners Golden Silvers (pictured above), joint winners of Glastonbury's 2008 new bands competition, are sure to get great support from exlovers, who are another hot new band from London
Hynix, which doubled its cash pile to $430 million last year, said it plans to almost double capital spending this year to $1.
It would double capital spending on school buildings over the next three years.
Grants double capital in hard-to-reach communities for small business lending, spurs job creation
52 million) into capital, hoping to double capital to NT$50 billion (US$1.
Global Banking News-27 April 2009-Kien Long Bank to double capital to VND2tn in 2009(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.