double spaced

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double spaced

One blank line between lines of text.

This is an example of double-spaced text,

which is commonly used in documents that

need to be proofread or edited.

Contrast with single spaced.
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The poem should not be more than 20 lines, must be typed and double spaced.
Submit five copies of full paper (20 double spaced pages max.
Submit five copies of double spaced manuscript, in English (not exceeding 6000 words) to Anne Gottlieb, NYU Ultracomputer Laboratory, 715 Broadway, 10th flr.
Submit seven copies of paper (maximum 20 double spaced pages or 5,000 words) to Document Analysis, William L.
Submit six copies (25 double spaced pages maximum) of paper to Raymond T.
Submit abstract of 250 words maximum, double spaced, to Howard Harkness, 3316 Vine Ridge, Bedford, TX 76021; (214) 580-1515, ext.