double spaced

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double spaced

One blank line between lines of text.

This is an example of double-spaced text,

which is commonly used in documents that

need to be proofread or edited.

Contrast with single spaced.
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During the day little thoughts cross my mind So out come pen and paper double spaced lined Word by word, I soon complete a rhyme This is what I am doing all of the time Thoughts come to be like manna from heaven Before I know it I have written line number seven I know now that I must keep writing on As I watch the sun sink below the blue horizon The end of the day has come too soon But now I seek the old silvery moon With my wife we stroll, like lovers do We talk to each other, yes we bill and coo We call in our local, a pint for me, a glass for her Then a stroll home in the warm evening air For the two of us this is the ideal way To be thankful for the end of a perfect day
Type the bibliographical information at the top of the review, double spaced, as follows:
The typed hard copy must be double spaced with a word count of between 2000 and 3000 words; the paper must be computer-generated on either a Mac or a PC.