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Weighing inflows treatment center will be a double weighing on a standard weighbridge and checked regularly.
Colin Moscrop also bagged a double weighing 13lb 8oz and John Glyn from Walker had one of 12lb.
Steve Hodson took a superb double weighing 3lb 1oz and 3lb 6oz from the Ure during a match last week.
Ross also landed another double weighing 11lb 7oz, both falling to a Cats Whisker.
The double weighing is still required and the site should be monitored and regular checks by the Weights and Measures (green sticker).
The animal charity is now looking for old-fashioned double weighing scales to help accurately weigh the seals they rescue.
Receive and weigh the waste from selective collection of household waste in place on the territory of South SITOM Gard directly on center or sort on a possible transfer center, and by double weighing mandatory;
Jubilee big fish specialist Paul Hull from Evenwood took another double weighing in at 13lb 8oz on a Wicked White Buzzer and Bob Holmes from Murton landed one of the same weight on a Bloodworm.