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, common name for a member of the family Alcidae (alcid family), swimming and diving birds of the N Atlantic and Pacific, which includes the guillemots and puffins. Their legs are set far back on their bodies, making them clumsy on land, where they seldom venture except to
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(Alle alle also little auk, a bird of the family Alcidae of the order Charadriiformes. It measures approximately 25 cm long and weighs about 150 g. The coloration is black above and white below.

The dovekie is distributed in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean and the western part of the Arctic Ocean and spends most of the year in the ocean. It nests in large colonies along rock coasts in the arctic. In the USSR it nests in Novaia Zemlia, Franz Josef Land, and Severnaia Zemlia. The eggs (usually one, some-times two) are deposited directly on the ground beneath rocks. The bird feeds on small marine invertebrates. It is of local commercial importance for its meat.

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Puffins and Dovekies are distinguished from each other by their feeding preferences, mainly fish and zooplankton, respectively (Lowther et al.
This observation apparently constitutes the 1st record of a Dovekie in British Columbia (for example, Campbell and others 1990).
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Birds described as dovekies (Alle alle) by Greely must have been black guillemots (Cepphus grylle), since the reported amount of meat from an individual exceeded 1 pound (0.
Despite the absence of dovekie breeding records in the northern Bering Sea (Day et al.
Kittiwake B B Ross's Gull - - Sabine's Gull - + Ivory Gull + - Arctic Tern + B Dovekie + + Thick-billed Murre B B Black Guillemot + + Atlantic Puffin - - Snowy Owl B + Horned Lark + B Tree Swallow - - Barn Swallow - - Common Raven + + Northern Wheatear - - American Pipit + B Yellow Warbler - -
In winter, they sometimes fly out on to the ice floes to eat puffins, dovekies, razorbills and murres -- and even scavenge on polar bear seal kills.
Leigh Smith and his men then settled down for a relatively comfortable winter, the provisions they had salvaged being augmented by the meat of 34 bears and 24 walrus, plus vast numbers of murres and dovekies before they disappeared before the winter and after they returned in the spring.
I'm betting those observers hardy enough to buffet the cold and wind are now seeing through their scopes and binoculars huge numbers of gannets, along with a few penguin-like puffins, murres, razorbills, dovekies and guillemots.
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