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For those fortunate to be being served by an upgraded cabinet, FTTC can currently deliver download speeds as high as 80Mbps and upload speeds as high as 20Mbps Sadly, our day to day lives depend on connectivity to the internet for so many things, including social media, online shopping and cloud services.
Only 37 percent New Hampshire residents with Internet service had download speeds greater than 6 mbps, and just 1 percent had speeds greater than 25 mbps, which is the speed necessary for functions like telemedicine, smart building controls and some high-definition broadcasts.
At download speeds of up to 10 Mbps, downloading an average song can take less than 4 seconds.
With a download speed up to 100 Mbps on tap, it offers the capability for multiple family members to enjoy unrivalled speeds simultaneously, no matter what their requirements," said Farid Faraidooni, COO, Du.
Bulgaria has been placed third among the world's top Internet download speeds with its 1,611 KBps average, according to a study released by Pando Networks on Tuesday.
The proposals, out today, come after a survey which found that the average advertised download speed across the UK at the end of 2010 was 13.
com recorded average speeds across 12UK regions, by testing more than 138,000 connections of registered users of its site between January and May this year The survey found the average download speed in the UK was 3,238Kbps and that consumers in areas like Wales and Northern Ireland were "less likely" to have access to higher speeds offered elsewhere in Britain.
Tests showed that The Big Four carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile) now have a collective average download speed of roughly 3.
With the average download speed in the Sacramento area recently clocking in at 19 Mbps, Sacramento customers are using on average 2.
London's average download speed of 17Mbps made it the 26th-slowest of 50 towns and cities recorded.
South Korea is in first place with an average download speed of 34.