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downspout, conductor, downcomer, downpipe, leader, rain leader, rainwater pipe

A vertical pipe, often of sheet metal,
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Of course you need not confine yourself to one butt, you can use every available downpipe.
If the gutter overflows it's clear that it's blocked, it's sagging because of damaged supporting brackets, or the downpipe is blocked.
This downpipe manufacturing cell was once an operations that involved seven people.
8-liter 4-cylinder engine has been enhanced with a ZPIracing Turbo Kit with a Garrett GT28RS turbocharger, Fujita cold air intake system, ZPIracing 22x9x3 intercooler, Nitrous Express N-Tercooler sprayer, Tial blow off valve, ZPI Velocity Stack intake, ZPIracing 440cc fuel injectors, ZPIracing stainless downpipe and two-inch stainless up-pipe, ZPIracing high-flow oil pump and Tanabe Medallion Touring Exhaust.
clear a blocked downpipe wire coat hanger, and wiggle the Make a hole in the blockage with a coat hanger to loosen the blockage.
If you have a rainwater downpipe nearby it should be quite a simple job.
Now put a hosepipe into the top of the downpipe and turn it on - the flow of water through the hole should be enough to dislodge the blockage.
If you have got a piece of old galvanised wire meshing why not push it down at the top of the downpipe to stop it being blocked later on as the leaves fall?
In the garden, rainwater can be collected in a water butt by connecting it to a downpipe, which is a fairly simple DIY job.
If your garden only has one downpipe, that's where the water butt should go, but if you have more than one, choose the most convenient and put the stand for the butt underneath it.
Comprising a larger intercooler and air filter box, larger diameter exhaust downpipe and a higher-capacity fuel pump, along with uprated software calibration, it remains the only officially-approved Focus RS upgrade package.