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(building construction)
A vertical pipe that leads water from a roof drain or gutter down to the ground or a cistern. Also known as downcomer; leader.


A vertical pipe that carries water from the roof gutters to the ground or cistern.

downspout, conductor, downcomer, downpipe, leader, rain leader, rainwater pipe

A vertical pipe, often of sheet metal,
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But within days a bench in the garden - which is behind the town's police station - was set alight, and the downspouts on a covered seating area were ripped down.
I have downspouts working to my advantage, and they drain into a 40-gallon barrel.
Reinforced concrete slab,135 m2 insulation and metal roofing standing seam zinc,140 m coping curved standing seam zinc,150 m coping titanium zinc, 100 m overhang sheets,90 m gutters and downspouts titanium zinc.
Revision / Renewal of dormer windows and gutters, downspouts, zinc sheet metal flashing, snow guards, lead bezels, window sills and.
Insure that rain gutter downspouts are directed away from the perimeter foundation.
This Project consist of furnishing and installing new sheet metal gutters and downspouts, as well as the removal and disposal of existing rain gutters and downspouts on the following type of buildings: Relocatables, Portables, Lunch Shelters, and Permanent Buildings.
Cleaning your gutters, downspouts, and drainpipes is a hassle.
Invitation to tender are the City of Espoo owned or operated by the 120 building gutters and downspouts cleaned up.
Make sure gutters and downspouts are clear to facilitate the movement of melting water.
Also, make sure downspouts are extended far enough to carry water away from the foundation wall of your house.