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see divining roddivining rod
or dowser,
stick used in searching for underground water or minerals. This form of divination is still in common use in many parts of the world. The instrument is typically a forked twig.
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But for their next performance, there was no room in the back of the theater for someone to stand and hold the handmade dowser.
CLEVELAND Retired Men's Association: Members were treated to a demonstration of dowsing by David and Eleanor Burke and two of their students from the British Dowsers Association.
When the radiesthesist is localizing a target on the map of a territory, the "connection" between the radiesthetic rod or the pendulum and the target is not physical but semantic (linked by the symbolic map that the dowser sees; Levin, 1999).
If you were to look closer you would see that he was considered a "sensitive" of some kind, a dowser in the world of strategic thought.
These characters--the castrato, the steeplejack, and the father who has lost a daughter--represent a much wider range of other orphans of modernity: a disgruntled piano tuner's wife who gets revenge on a neglectful husband, a school bus driver who is haunted by an accident with a train in which schoolchildren died, a young deer hunter who can never forget his father's suicide, a troubled dowser whose father died by water in a hurricane, a shoeshine man who never speaks but who writes of a single poignant moment of fantasized romance with "the lady with the Spanish boots" (90).
Even on familiar topics, such as dowsing, readers are told about a million-dollar prize for the first dowser who can consistently achieve an 80 percent success rate.
wilderness; wild ear which perks up; tender dowser, which points; imp;
A psychic and a dowser who specialise in locating animals have also become involved.
A scientist in California recovers her daughteras stolen harp with the help of an Arkansan dowser and an Oakland map, an experience which turns her scientific worldview upside down.
After centering, the healer assesses the patient's chakras and energy field with hand scanning over the body or using assistive devices in a way somewhat comparable to a dowser or divining rod [a rod or stick reportedly useful in finding water, metal, etc.
In Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Danoz Direct Pty Ltd ('Danoz Direct'), Dowser J noted that s 51A(2) 'places an onus upon the representor at least to lead evidence of [reasonable] grounds.
The dowser arrives not with willow wands or a forked stick but two brass rods bent into handles.