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dote, doat, doze

A form of decay in which wood becomes soft and weak and has a dull lifeless appearance.
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Potential licensees in the computer accessories industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the PC No Doze on a worldwide basis.
3] doze buvo 4,1 mgFe/l, organiniu junginiu salinimo is vandens efektyvumas 63 %, straipsnio autoriu tyrimo metu gauti lygiai tokie patys duomenys, tik doze imta siek tiek didesne--5 mgFe/l.
0 = would never doze, 1 = slight chance of dozing, 2 = moderate chance of dozing, 3 = high chance of dozing
How likely are you to doze off or fall asleep in the following situations, in contrast to just feeling tired?
As you doze, lulled by his voice, you feel a deep, warm happiness, a heart connection to everything around you.
The Doze City Apparel launch party was a huge success
Proceeding) A BIRMINGHAM midwife woke up from an afternoon doze to see a minibus had crashed into her back garden.
As you begin to wonder if you'll ever doze off again, rest assured that you're not alone.
We're seeing more and more school-age kids who have sleep problems and who doze off in class," remarks pediatrician Judith Owens, who runs a sleep clinic at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence.
How we doze upright on buses, how the night overtakes us in the babble of headphones, how the singing and clapping of another generation fade like distant radio as we ride, forehead heavy on the window, how we sleep, how we sleep.