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dote, doat, doze

A form of decay in which wood becomes soft and weak and has a dull lifeless appearance.
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15 ( ANI ): Experts have come up with a trick to do before bed to ultimately help you doze off faster.
While it's not a catch-all that allows you to doze off on your sunbed, the Mummy Stay Close system could give you the peace of mind to enjoy a day out - and teach your toddler about staying safe.
Blood was pouring from the lady's head yesterday morning after the accident at Bootle's Strand shopping centre, and her young grandchild began to doze off after also hitting his head.
30am, you could close your eyes again and doze off until she's bright eyed and conversational.
During the appeal, Barney appeared at times to doze off.
I agree with Mr McCord when he said he started to doze off.
She found it impossible to doze off in the swanky dorm because she was not used to sleeping with so many people.