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dote, doat, doze

A form of decay in which wood becomes soft and weak and has a dull lifeless appearance.
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Jerry roused to Skipper's entrance under the blanket, and, quite as if it were a long-established custom, curled in between his arm and side, and, after one happy sniff and one kiss of his cool little tongue, as Skipper pressed his cheek against him caressingly, dozed off to sleep.
Joe had evidently stolen away after he had dozed off.
He puzzled that men found so much to write about, and, puzzling, dozed in his chair.
He dozed despite himself, crouching by the fire, the blankets about his shoulders, the axe between his knees, and on either side a dog pressing close against him.
When he dozed despite himself, the whimpering and snarling of the dogs aroused him.
But this time, before he dozed again, he tied a burning pine-knot to his right hand.
Ay, ay," cries the doctor; "many a man hath dozed away his life.
Saxon was troubled, and as she dozed off she knew that he was lying restlessly wide awake.
He dozed again--not the less pleasantly, perhaps, for his hearty temper.
Oliver dozed off again, soon after this; when he awoke, it was nearly twelve o'clock.
Before I dozed off, I was going to tell you what Mr.
In between there is a lot of bum out material: EMB being torn down, pools being dozed, including Buena Vista and the Vagabond (with a tribute to the latter), and the fact that Neil Heddings is still in jail (and the guy's made killer stickers of the old Santa Cruz Cell Block guy in a prison outfit doing a frontside roast beef.