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dote, doat, doze

A form of decay in which wood becomes soft and weak and has a dull lifeless appearance.
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Daugelyje darbu nagrinejama pH itaka koaguliacijos procesui, taciau neaptartas klausimas, kaip koagulianto dozes veikia vandens pH vertes.
Darbo tikslas--isnagrineti organiniu junginiu ir spalvos salinimo is pozeminio vandens efektyvuma naudojant tris skirtingus koagulantus (polialiuminio hidroksichlorida (PAC), aliuminio sulafata ir gelezies (III) chlorida), taip pat nustatyti, kaip kinta organiniu junginiu salinimas is pozeminio vandens, esant skirtingoms vandens pH vertems, ir kaip koagulianto dozes veikia vandens pH vertes.
Every time Uncle Dave dozes off, he agreed to pay the boy $2 to wake him up.
She said that the government would facilitate the NGOs and private sector to join hand for the elimination of this menace from the country and to create awareness among the parents that anti-polio doze should be given to every child under 5 years of age and repeated dozes to the children are safe.
A clock in the living area starts ticking any time one of them dozes off.
Michael dozes off, but as his vehicle veers off the road, he awakens in time to avoid hitting a girl standing on the side of the road.
A sleep clock in the living area will start ticking off the minutes any time one of them dozes off.
Isorine dozes galia 0,1 m atstumu nuo saltinio matuota ESM FH 40 G-L dozimetru, kurio matavimo diapazonas--10 nSv/h iki 100 mSv/h.
Geldof's doze followed fans' fears that the dad of four had been overdoing it; he had appeared to nearly collapse on stage in Dublin last month.
Hosts Ben Shephard and Jenni Falconer looked stunned as she giggled, rambled then seemed to doze.