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Said of timber which has decayed.
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Outside the bunker, it was clear to even the doziest backbencher that the game was up, yet inside they continued the hero-worship.
Worcester fly-half James Brown started what was to be a torrid cameo with the doziest of fumbles in front of the Warriors' sticks.
SCOTLAND'S doziest Lotto winner scooped pounds 100,000 yesterday thanks to his mum.
The world's doziest detectives were nowhere near nailing Stacey for bumping off evil Archie.
We are the doziest, most accommodating, least bolshy race on earth, who accept that 30 years after we transported a man to the moon, six-hour delays and appalling treatment en route to work are acceptable.
Even the doziest marketing manager could not fail to make capital through a campaign showing that their company would not invest in arms makers and tobacco manufacturers.
He talked for over an hour and even the doziest delegate must have noticed there was no substance, no policy.
BEST BET Spurs get to put their Big Club aspirations to the test again next Sunday when they visit Villa, but the market says it'll just be the latest in the never-ending series of wake-up calls for the South's doziest 'sleeping giant', with Spurs 12/5 to win.
SOMEONE was feeling very sleepy at the Daily Mail yesterday after they fell for one of the doziest football hoaxes in memory.