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Said of timber which has decayed.
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Fair enough I thought, dozily, only a little red van, after all.
After dozily eavesdropping on the conversation about his choice of floor tiles, I wake up and half heartedly shout back, "Erm, yes OK.
You could spot them in the paddock from their mad staring eyes, foaming mouths, deranged demeanour, and the fact that the busy ones had three handlers each and the not-offs just wandered dozily round by themselves in a contented blizzard of ACP.
Then hubris struck, and so after 22 years clinging on to power we have this parodic figure, staggering dozily out of an ancient presidential Rolls bequeathed by his nemesis Ian Smith, chest bristling with colonial baubles -- brass medals and trinkets of some arcane national valour -- country tottering, economy and national currency on the skids, famine stalking millions.
The Welsh Arts Council seem to have dozily nodded through the assumption that there would be a viable paying audience to support a contemporary art gallery in Cardiff (or indeed any UK city).
Left high and dry," she murmured in the darkness, applying the expression to the turkey farmer, dozily remembering that it was the one she had used about herself when she'd suffered her calamity.
Conceded first penalty and dozily almost gifted Hammers another goal
Now there were just two left, floating dozily on the sea and wondering where all their mates had gone.
Insua was repeatedly isolated and bypassed, and was probably in shock when dozily playing Jovetic onside.