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1. a light olive-brown colour
2. a fabric of a dull grey or brown colour



a heavy, thick woolen fabric of a complicated inter-woven machine-spun yarn. Drab consists usually of two layers and as a result has high heat-insulating properties. The outer face of the fabric is often made from a higher quality of wool than the inner. Depending on the structure and the design of the weave, drab may be made with or without nap, of one or many colors, and with a plain face or a design on the lining. Drab is used for winter and spring-autumn coats.

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There, as in the drabber areas of modern Dresden or the surviving patches of old Central Berlin, it is only too apparent that neither nostalgia nor the bid to build parts of the past into a new 'normality' can undo the destruction wrought by the twentieth century.
A documentary case, although drabber than one relying primarily on live testimony, would avoid the risk of mischief through propaganda and doubts about the credibility of German witnesses testifying in support of the prosecution.
It's winter, and even in the warmer parts of the country things are duller and drabber and colder; in places like the Northeast, the Midwest and the Rockies, customers are probably much more interested in a warming mug of Irish coffee.