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1. a light olive-brown colour
2. a fabric of a dull grey or brown colour



a heavy, thick woolen fabric of a complicated inter-woven machine-spun yarn. Drab consists usually of two layers and as a result has high heat-insulating properties. The outer face of the fabric is often made from a higher quality of wool than the inner. Depending on the structure and the design of the weave, drab may be made with or without nap, of one or many colors, and with a plain face or a design on the lining. Drab is used for winter and spring-autumn coats.

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England captain Andrew Strauss described it as one of the drabbest Tests he had ever been involved in to becoming one the most extraordinary.
EVEN in rehearsals, there's a subtle dazzle emanating from Vasily Petrenko that sprinkles a shower of that elusive X Factor dust around the drabbest of rooms, infusing a lightness of mood to a chat with the young Russian maestro about his thoughts on China, where earlier this week he arrived for a series of concerts.
The planting will create a blaze of colour from January through to May, cheering up the estate during some of the drabbest months of the year.
The Roma ultras staged an inspirational display of fanatical support that would make the drabbest of games intimidating and absorbing
But for Cinderella Man it would have definitely been a case of keeping off the pies to prepare for the role of Mae Braddock, the Depression-era wife and mother making ends meet for her family in the most destitute of circumstances (and the drabbest of cardigans) while her husband slowly but surely willed his way to become one of the most inspirational sports legends in American history.
Offering something new for your garden in the drabbest season of the year, these flower in the winter then are at their best throughout the spring.
In Julio Arca, the Wearsiders possess a performer capable of lighting up even the drabbest of encounters and, following 28 minutes of toil and tedium, the enigmatic Argentinian stamped his mark on this game.
Even an aesthetically uninspiring neighbourhood can be all but transformed by the planting of shrubs and colourful flowers, while the drabbest of streets is capable of brightening itself up with the help of a few residents who are prepared to decorate the outside of their homes with a prettily arranged hanging basket.
Far from making a mess, birds can actually bring dazzling color and rich song to the drabbest, most unadorned back yard and get rid of unwanted pests, too, Farris said.
Architect George Clarke transforms a box-like house in Surrey, which had a beautiful view but the drabbest of interiors, into an open-plancontemporary home.
End of season games between teams with precious little to play for are notoriously humdrum affairs and this one was no different as Liverpool and City went through the motions until the drabbest of encounters was sparked into life when Fernando Torres confirmed his status as the darling of the Kop with yet another wonderful goal.
You don't need to wash your hair to look good in them and the simple act of buying one new pair can make the drabbest day seem good.