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1. a light olive-brown colour
2. a fabric of a dull grey or brown colour



a heavy, thick woolen fabric of a complicated inter-woven machine-spun yarn. Drab consists usually of two layers and as a result has high heat-insulating properties. The outer face of the fabric is often made from a higher quality of wool than the inner. Depending on the structure and the design of the weave, drab may be made with or without nap, of one or many colors, and with a plain face or a design on the lining. Drab is used for winter and spring-autumn coats.

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While Our Lady takes place in a shadowy, almost operatic world, the Pacific Northwest setting of Eban and Charley is deceptively casual and drably common-place, making its love story, between the 14-year-old Charley (Giovanni Andrade) and the older Eban, all the more subversive.
The former was comprised of individuals who worked for large corporations, dressed drably, and dutifully attended PTA meetings.
Visually as well as emotionally and melodically, it must stand apart from all else, not drably merge with it.
The most depressing entry was the Bolshoi Ballet's Infanta and the Jester, drably choreographed and indifferently danced, and the prize for the most ruthless amid alien corn was shared by the Tokyo Festival Ballet and the Shanghai Ballet Company, a twain which aesthetically Western ballet seems fated never to meet.
In these forests there live certain events, shards of memory, scraps of once-heard lore, intimations once familiar--some painful, shameful, some drably or laughably inconsequent, others thoughts that the thinker could never hold fast and begin to tell.
In short order, however, it was "translated" by the conservative firm of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill into a drably well-behaved skyscraper whose latest rendering looks like so many other symmetrical and entirely unobjectionable towers that the firm has designed over the past half century.
The rest of Jonathan Miller's direction consisted of more aimless shuffling around the stage, the characters drably costumed by Eskandar who had a whole gushing credit in the programme.
Our clothes were still drably utilitarian, theirs fun and frivolous, with Barbie-style outfits for every occasion.
The drably unimaginative names ("Blonde Bombshells," "Diamond Dolls," "Sassy Sisters") give you an idea of the level of cleverness at work here.
IT IS understandable that Geordies - whose sole contribution to the culinary world seems to be an indigestible and drably coloured speciality known as pease pudding -should seek to claim the balti as their own.
On their shows Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine bully drably dressed ladies and humiliate them by grabbing their boobs, bums or stomachs or ripping their clothes off and making them stand looking at themselves in a mirror.
The great 1930s' researchers on food poverty fed into the rationing schemes which brilliantly, if drably, ensured everyone was fed.