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1. the former standard monetary unit of Greece, divided into 100 lepta; replaced by the euro in 2002
2. US another name for dram
3. a silver coin of ancient Greece
4. a unit of weight in ancient Greece



(1) An ancient Greek unit of weight and measure. It was first minted as silver currency in the sixth century B.C. The weight of a drachma was originally 4.25 g of silver and was later changed to 4.32 g.

(2) The present-day monetary unit of Greece, equal to 100 lepta. The Gosbank (State Bank) of the USSR on Jan. 1, 1974, established the rate of exchange at 100 drachmas = 2 rubles 76 kopeks.

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Look at the NautilusCoin project from Drachmae and Brian Kelly as an example: Nxt provides the tools for Drachmae to build a complete crypto-economy on micro-scale, on just one Greek island, and it is Drachmae that bring people to their platform and to Nxt.
For those outside Euroland -- the UK, Denmark, Sweden and Greece -- the value of an EU subsidy will be its value in pounds, crowns or drachmae against the euro on the day a transaction takes place.
The owner quoted me a per-person price in drachmae that my addled brain had trouble converting into dollars.
Other, net reflected in the statement of operations includes approximately Drs 10 billion of foreign exchange loss which was incurred due to the devaluation of the Greek Drachmae.