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The second phase of testing will deploy the Norwegian drag chute during landing operations and is planned for first quarter 2018 at Eielson.
The drag chute fairing assembly is a composite/metal construction, which allows the jet fighter aircraft to introduce the drag chute.
The drag chute fairing is a complex component that protects the chute and mechanisms during flight and opens to release the chute at landing.
Upon rollout, the drag chute was successfully deployed and the aircraft was brought to a stop approximately 1,000 feet from the end of the runway.
I deployed the drag chute and felt the familiar tug on my shoulder harness as the drag chute inflated.
Meyer noted previous manned space projects generated work at Dryden, including developing a training vehicle for the lunar lander for the Apollo program and using the center's B-52 for testing drag chutes for the space shuttle.
The crew also built a roll bar around the driver's seat and installed parachute tubes for two drag chutes to slow the car.
Space shuttles were not equipped with drag chutes to slow and steady their touchdowns until 1992, 11 years into the program.
For the first half of the shuttle program, the vehicles landed safely without using drag chutes at touchdown.