drain spout

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downspout, conductor, downcomer, downpipe, leader, rain leader, rainwater pipe

A vertical pipe, often of sheet metal,
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The problem with these drain spouts is you could only see the beginning of them and the end," Artale said.
The switch to completely latex-free urological trays is yet another innovation from Kendall, who also introduced SplashGuard II(R) drain spout, which helps prevent accidental contact with urine and SafeGuard(R) sampling port, which helps protect providers against accidental needlesticks.
Denis McNamara discusses the structure and purpose of ecclesiastical buildings, enlightening readers about details such as gargoyles: the sad, stone figures on church facades and along the edges of roofs, that are meant to be read as grotesque figures representing those outside the kingdom of heaven; they can also serve as drain spouts for the building, reducing the erosion of mortar.
Partitioned hoppers have covers designed for vacuum loader installation and drain spouts for quick emptying.