drainage tile

drain tile

A hollow tile, usually laid end to end as piping (with open joints) in soil in order to drain water-saturated soil, or used to permit fluid in the hollow-tile pipe to disperse into the ground (as in an absorption field).
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While runoff, in general, is determined to be nonpoint source pollution, the DMWW argues that water captured in drainage tile buried 3- to 4-feet deep, is groundwater, not surface water, and therefore is not exempt from federal clean-water regulations.
A machine developed lay pipeline in Bakken Oil Field of North Dakota could be put to work in Kandiyohi, Renville, and neighboring counties to place large-diameter drainage tile parallel to open ditches.
Long-time local resident Randy Maize is now part of the K2 Wind construction team, working as the Drainage Tile Superintendent for AMEC Black & McDonald.
In addition, water management structures (agricultural tile bioreactors) have been identified that can be used to remove nutrient loading from agricultural drainage tile discharge waters.
Maximum Property Leased Class Life * Lease Term Drainage tile 20 years <10 years Grain bins, grain dryer and fence 10 years <5 years Pickup truck 4 years <2 years.
In addition, Trimble EZ-Office Mobile 2010 enables farmers to map field operations data, such as field boundaries, farm drainage tile lines, field obstacles and weed infestations, while on foot, in a pickup truck or from an all-terrain vehicle (ATV).
The modified system has reduced nitrates flowing from drainage tile into streams by 46 percent and phosphorus by 80 percent.
Maybe they can divert the water with a ditch or drainage tile.
Drainage tile and extruded garden products tolerate paper contamination and pigmented feedstock, but pipe won't tolerate PP, which lowers density.
The first section also has a subsurface drainage tile system in a portion of the landfill.
There's quite a long history of drainage tile usage, dating back to at least 500 B.
This project employs Ohio based subcontractors such as Irving Concrete (Van Wert, OH); Baker-Shindler Ready Mix (Paulding, OH): Miller Brothers Construction (Toledo, OH): New River Electrical Corporation (Westerville, OH) and Osting Drainage Tile and Repair (Van Wert, OH).