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The first is inserting a tiny plastic drainage tube, called a grommet, into the eardrum.
They insert drainage tubes in each boob, going from under each arm diagonally across the boob.
The purpose of this tender is to conclude a contract with a contractor to renovate drainage tube 4 of blowdown unit 1 of the Clevering Locks, comprising renovation of the mechanical parts, guides and seals of the lift gates with the corresponding activities.
The current IFU did not specifically warn against connecting the Neptune Rover, which is a high vacuum/high flow device, to a passive drainage tube.
On a steel trolley especially equipped with a drainage tube, the man once known as Peter Meiss looked grey, yellow and horrific.
This consists of a wound dressing, an air-tight film placed over the wound, and a drainage tube connected to a suction device that draws excess fluid.
Mother-of two Gillian Robson, 34, spent two weeks in agony after bungling doctors left a 10-inch drainage tube inside her following a hysterectomy.
For instance, the company Creative Balloons Maschinenbau GmbH & CoKG in Heidelberg has now used ElastollanA, the TPU from BASF, to manufacture a balloon which interacts with the body with almost neutral pressure, flexibly foldable tube elements, elastically deformable foam suppositories (in the head section) and a discharging drainage tube for an improved stool drainage system with a new type of innovative functionality.
PHILADELPHIA -- Researchers at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia have completed the first study comparing the location on the spine of the birth defect spina bifida with the rate of shunting -- the surgical placement of a drainage tube.
needles, catheters, syringes, instruments for transfusion, containers, catheters, drainage tubes, tubes together, devices for enteral nutrition and other medical equipment.
The RT-D3 will allow a patient to easily and safely perform the task of maintaining drainage tubes, an essential in an environment where post-op hospital stays are shorter than ever.