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Transparent failover/fastback is enabled without host-based components, enabling full processing resilience while dramatically simplifying SAN deployment and upgrades, as well as server and application changes and upgrades.
notes that the simple low-rise seat cushion dramatically improved wheelchair-bound residents' lives.
The strong dollar has dramatically impacted the competitiveness of the North American product, and the value of all Asian currencies has fallen on the average of 40%.
After vitamin supplementation, production of all three fell dramatically for each group.
The power of the "Protestant establishment," internally diverse as it may have been in many ways, was most dramatically manifested during this era in the growing potency of the movement to ban the manufacture and sale of alcohol.
Major corporations in this highly competitive world economy will have to seek - and financial markets will demand - dramatically stronger, more prudent balance sheets, with resultant low financial risk.
In alternate casts, David Justin and Mikko Nissinen dazzled as Mercutio and Benvolio, respectively, Ashley Wheater's Paris gave a finely nuanced portrait of patrician restraint, and Katita Waldo's street harlot was memorably spirited in a dramatically thin role.
It dropped dramatically during the final years of the Carter Administration and the early years of the Reagan Administration, falling to 1.
D2C Solutions dramatically reduces the time and effort associated with assessing, remediating and continuously monitoring weaknesses in security access controls.
SANsymphony provides disk virtualization, automated provisioning, data replication, storage resource management, automated quality of service management, dramatically faster performance and several other critical features in a portable software product that remains constant while storage hardware is added, replaced or upgraded.
Moreover, because microwaves tend to heat quickly and from the inside of the target, energy builds up dramatically, Pare says.
Gallardo, believe that microfinance in Mexico can empower small businesses to dramatically reduce poverty.