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an approach to social analysis, especially associated with Erving GOFFMAN, in which the theatre is the basis of an analogy with everyday life. In this analogy, social action is viewed as a ‘performance’ in which actors both play parts and stage-manage their actions, seeking to control the impressions they convey to others (impression management). The aim of actors is to present themselves in a generally favourable light and in ways appropriate to particular roles and social ‘settings – the latter is Goffman's term for the physical trappings which signal particular roles or status. In a related way, SOCIAL ACTORS also cooperate as members of teams’, seeking to preserve a ‘front’ while hiding from view the ‘backstage’ of social relations. Since actors will play different roles in different situations, they also on occasion find it necessary to practise audience segregation, withholding in a current situation any sign of those other roles they play which, if visible, would threaten the impression being given at the moment (e.g. the problems that would arise for a homosexual judge from any disclosure of his homosexuality). The model of interaction involved in dramaturgy turns on the inevitability of acting partly on inference. For Goffman, the social order is a precarious accomplishment, always liable to be disrupted by embarrassment and breaches of front.



The dramatic works of a writer, people, or period.

(2) The plot and characters of a play or film. Literary drama, transformed in the modern theater into a director’s script, forms the basis of theatrical dramaturgy. In cinematography, dramaturgy takes the form of screen-plays.

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He also graduated from the Yale University School of Drama, where he earned master's and doctorate degrees in dramaturgy and dramatic criticism.
Immediately following the discussion of polemics, Carl Dahlhaus brings his considerable intellect to bear on "The Dramaturgy of Italian Opera.
When a writer inscribes his own fiction on a traditional story dear to the ethos of a people, or when a playwright plays around with traditional dramaturgy, I expect some esthetic or philosophical returns.
Blues, History, and the Dramaturgy of August Wilson.
Beyond the screenplay; a dialectical approach to dramaturgy.
I discussed the background of the project titled Adventus Domini with the ensemble's artistic director David Eben and the long-time SGP member Hasan El-Dunia, who conceived the album's dramaturgy.
Boltanski's dramaturgy borrows from earlier romantics, not least John Keats, who instructed that his tombstone carry only the inscription HERE LIES ONE WHOSE NAME WAS WRIT IN WATER.
Starting on July 22, this week-long tribute to dramaturgy will see Lebanese student theater troupes from LAU and other Lebanese universities stage their work alongside that of performers from Belgium
Mohamed Morsi, director of the play, relies on the dramaturgy and songs of Hamdi Zeidan which keeps the plot intact.
Attempting to enliven the formal dramaturgy of Baroque opera, they time-shifted to Victorian England, ostensibly to throw Semele's extra-marital pregnancy by the ever-randy Jupiter into sharp relief against fusty contemporary morals.
There is a minority of the audience that, the fact it's 2,000-year-old dramaturgy in terms of how such a story gets told, and such a literally foreign dramaturgy, threw some people for a loop," Rauch said.
These episodes will draw you because of Underwood's galvanizing performances; they may lose you because they feel contrived -- Alex fairly telegraphs that he's concealing secrets that he'll dribble out as the show's dramaturgy requires.