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(design engineering)
A woodcutting tool with a long, narrow blade and two handles mounted at right angles to the blade.



an instrument used in stripping bark from logs and in primitive planing. Stone drawknives consisting of flint flakes with concave and arched working edges were used from the middle of the Paleolithic (Mousterian culture) until the Bronze Age. Iron drawknives were first utilized in the early Iron Age (La Tène culture, second half of the first millennium B.C.). These drawknives were bent blades with sharp working edges and two handles that resembled modern carpenter’s drawknives.

drawknife, drawshave

A woodworking tool consisting of a blade with a handle at each end; the tool is drawn over the surface toward the user.
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We can learn about science without ever lifting a book, if you want to understand cellular grain structure in wood - here is a 100-year-old drawknife, if you want to understand hydrodynamic lift and drag - grab an oar and let's go.
My interest began when I read an article by Dan Beard telling how to make bows; in 1925, I located a piece of hickory and with the aid of a drawknife, fashioned my first bow.
Logs from trees 1 through 40 were debarked by hand with a drawknife.
Pieces 4048-93-1, 4048-93-2 & 4048-93-8, Figure 4) including an ash sickle handle (Piece 4048-93-12, Figure 4) and a small boxwood tool handle (Piece 4048-93-63, Figure 4), maybe from a drawknife (Ulrich 2007: 36).
77 86 Doopoco Enterprises 26 Drawer Box Associates 99 32 Drawknife Billiards 52 Dwyer Cabinetry Inc.
I had to build a shaving horse and use a drawknife to debark.