dressed timber

dressed lumber, dressed stuff, surfaced lumber

Lumber having one or more of its faces planed smooth.
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To make a vanity unit round your sink, one of the cheapest ways is to frame it with 11 2 inch x 11 2 inch dressed timber and use a kitchen worktop off-cut with an inset bowl.
You could just screw your curtain rail straight on to the wall, but a length of 3 inch or 4 inch X 1/2 inch dressed timber, either hardwood or whitewood, will give you a much more professional finish.
1 If they're not supplied, you might have to buy the materials for your frame, which can either be 3 inch x 2 inch dressed timber for the uprights, lintel and bottom runner, or 33 4 inch x 3 4 inch dressed door plates, lintel and runner.
To make the splashback, run a 1inch x 1 and a half inch fillet of dressed timber along the back edge of the workbench.
For the side supports, I used 1in x 2in dressed timber for the fillets, cut to the same width as the rack, and fixed these to either wall using two-inch No.
To strengthen the sides of the pelmet, use a piece of 2inchx1inch dressed timber, glued and screwed round the edges.
Andy strengthened the pelmet with lengths of two-inch by one-inch dressed timber which he glued and screwed along the top, bottom and sides.
Three lengths of 2" X 2" dressed timber for mirror wardrobe frame - pounds 12.
Using 2ins x 1ins dressed timber, cut a support baton the length of the radiator cover, glue and screw this to the underside of the top of the frame.
From 2" x 2" dressed timber, cut batons to fit all round the reverse of the MDF front piece and down either side, and glue and screw these in place, then screw together the front and sides of your fire surround
For wall-to-wall units, make a frame for the wardrobes with 75mm x 50mm dressed timber.
l70mm x 35mm CLS timbers, plasterboard, plywood and 19mm x 19mm dressed timber for Emma's house, door and bed: pounds 79.