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see costumecostume,
distinctive forms of clothing, including official or ceremonial attire such as ecclesiastical vestments, coronation robes, academic gowns, armor, and theatrical dress.
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To prepare or finish a wood member by planning, or cutting a stone piece by chipping away at the irregularities.


(civil engineering)
To smooth the surface of concrete or stone.
The arrangement of connecting wires in a circuit to prevent undesirable coupling and feedback.
(mechanical engineering)
To shape a tool.
To restore a tool to its original shape and sharpness.
(mining engineering)
To sort, grind, clean, and concentrate ore.
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If you're a shy person, you may feel dressing down is an invasion of privacy.
Sam says: "Companies often introduce dressing down as a gesture to demonstrate that work can be flexible, relaxed and creative.
The show's team got a dressing down at a meeting on Thursday.
The concept of dressing down was imported from America, where "Casual Friday" was born to relieve pressure in the workplace.
There are signs that guys are dressing down for work, even in the City, with short-sleeved own brand cotton and linen shirts up 64% on last year.
PORTSMOUTH manager Alain Perrin will escape with a written warning for his hand-clapping antics at Bolton, although he has already had a dressing down from chairman Milan Mandaric.
To that, Aby replied mysteriously: "Of course I take it all on the chin but it's not nice to have a dressing down in front of 10 million people.
And, no, dressing down doesn't necessarily mean your employees will look like slobs, but what organization hasn't had someone push the definition of casual?
A source said: "Simon called the contestants to his office to give them a dressing down.
Summary: A South Korean pop star is in for a dressing down after he was accused of not taking his military duties seriously.
STAFF have raised pounds 10,000 by dressing down for the day.